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Hiking round-trip suggestion

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

A round-trip track from our Emerald valley apartments in Bovec leading up to the Čelo fortress on the foothills of the scenic Svinjak mountain.

The Čelo fortress played an important role for the Austro - Hungarian army in protection of the Soča valley from an Italian invasion. Construction was completed in 1915 and much of the fortress is still intact today.

Strategically, the fortress was built to cover the entrances to both Vršič pass as well as Perdil pass, therefore it is a great place to view the Bovec basin.

After beautiful views at Čelo a wonderful path will bring you to the Soča river were you will familiarize yourself with the stunning turquoise colors and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the valley.

This is relatively easy 9.5 km trail with a total trip time of approximately 3.5 -4 hours, suitable for the whole family and is offering great mountain views, river crossings and rural landscapes. The hike is signposted relatively clearly, and small variations can easily be introduced.

Would you like to explore that and many other places… contact us.

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